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Below I have links to various gay story pages that will entertain you, make you think and some that will get you off. I will also be adding my own stories to the collection as I go. If you would like to have me include your gay fiction, please send me a message. I am open to any content as long as it is clearly labeled as fiction for adults only. As the collection grows I will place the stories into categories such as: Boylove, Spanking, Brotherly Love or whatever seems appropriate. Thanks for stopping by and please check out the rest of the place.

A Few Links to Get Started

A Good Collection of Gay Erotica
Boylove and Bestiality to Incest and Watersports
Death to Pride
A Story of Love, the Internet and Gay Politics
Gay Life Stories
Very Tame, But Pretty Amusing.
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My Bedroom
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I hope that you will let me know that you dropped by and also share a little about yourself. I am a tall, uncut man who likes it rough, what about you?